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s.No▓w the old man鈥檚 grandson is about to return to their hometown to start primary school, the old couple have decid

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ed to return Anhui within the next few days. 鈥淚f we leave, what about the kitte▓ns?鈥?Uncle Fang hopes th

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at some kind-hea▓rted person will foster Mimi as soon as possible▓ and give her a comfortable home. Translate

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d by LOTOPeople around the world love t▓heir pets. But on Japan's Tashiro Island,

  • and gathering scraps. Mimi waits b
  • y the road until he has sold the scrap
  • s and then returns home with him.Since t
  • he cat鈥檚 arrival, their alarm clock ha
  • s become useless. At four o鈥檆l
  • ock every morning, Mimi wi▓ll cro

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ay and scratch the screen doo▓r made of straw with her claws. The old man ti▓ed a small bell to the screen so Mimi can ▓b
e heard when she is at the door. When he was scaven▓ging, Uncle Fang found a blue bell and hung it around Mim

▓i鈥檚 neck.

ade their living from fishing.And, a good cat▓ch is believed to be the cats' blessings.Tsuneo Endo, Local Fisherman, said, "The cats here have always been something like a lucky

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charm for us who bring good catch. We enshrine them bec▓ause they are important to us."For the cats, free meals are not the only thing that makes this place fee

- Now Mimi has g
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